River Goddess

“River Goddess”

Cedar  7’ x 3’ x 3’

Private Collection

She is the guardian of the rivers and protector of the fish who hide beneath her robe and swim along the ribbon of her gown.

She can change into a fish – they are one and the same.

Life Cycle

Life Cycle”Life Cycle”

Sitka Spruce
8’ x 4’ x 4’

Collection of the City of Bellevue, Wash
Chism Beach Park on Lake Washington

This is part of a series that i have done relating to the Pacific Salmon.

Here, tiny salmon hatch out at the bottom. They swim up and grow until they are big enough to make it to the ocean.

There, they begin their journey that takes them all the way around the vast Pacific, growing and trying to avoid predators.

Four years later, they return as adults to the very same place where they were born. They then lay their eggs, spawn there and die.

Their decaying bodies nourish the new eggs as they hatch. Then the cycle starts over again. Only one in a thousand survive to do this but the cycle continues.

This sculpture is carved in a helix, so that the flow returns to it’s origin and then starts over again.

We’ll Be Right Back!

“We’ll be Right Back!”

Cedar, glass & steel

12’h x 8’ x 4’

Private Collection

Cedar space Ship by Pat McVay
Steel by Doug Caton of Nichols Bros. Boat Works
Blown glass flames by Callahan McVay

We made this sculpture in 2003, the year that my son was born. That was the year that our country invaded Iraq. The title comes from the victory proclamations of the day:
“Mission accomplished!” and “We’ll be right back!”

Giant Snake Escapes from Zoo!

“Giant Snake Escapes from Zoo!”

Sequoia   3’ x 3’ X 4′ high


The big snake has slithered through the morning paper and is crushing the TV stand.

The paper tells the story of what happened at the zoo and the photo shows how it got away (and what it had for lunch!)

Now the huge serpent is even bigger and is a bit sleepy as it watches itself on the news, where it looks really quite sensational.

…and the bulge on it’s stomach tells where the zoo keeper went.

Tail Slap

“Tail Slap” Sitka Spruce 7’ x 3’ x 3’ Public Art Collection: Des Moines, WA City Hall A hungry Orca whale wants to eat lunch. One technique that it uses to catch fish is to repeatedly slap the surface of the water with it’s tail.  This stuns the salmon, making …

Cedar Throne

“Cedar Throne” 5′ x 3′ x3’  Cedar Throne Private Collection Using salvaged, already downed wood, I carve these massive chairs from the big flared base of the cedar tree. This part of the tree has very tough wood, where it is anchored to the earth. Each one has it’s own …