“Spirits” Redwood  5’ x 2’ x 2’ each Machine Shop Gallery, Langley, Wa. $6000 for the pair The statues come to life after hours at the wine garden.

Sea Life with Nervous Jelly Fish

“Sea Life with Nervous Jelly Fish” Redwood  6′ long Machine Shop Gallery $2500 Actually, the jellyfish may soon rule the oceans. Acid rain, caused by the air pollution from burning coal is making the water more acidic. This drives down fish populations and dissolves clam, oyster and crab shells. Jelly …

Big Menu Items

Life size King Salmon and Rockfish – just a few of almost 200 carvings

Commissioned by the Crab Pot Restaurant
Throughout Pier 57 Seattle waterfront near the Great Wheel


Big cedar baseball mitt chair
6′ x 4′ x 3′


Beat up “Cedar Ball”
3′ x 2′ x 2′


“Deluged” Way too much junk mail! Lebanese Cedar 7′ x 4′ x 4′ All of the legs, arms & mail are carved from the branches of the tree top $5000 Currently on loan to the Clinton, Washington Post office 98236